California whisky




Spirits too can have terroir...



We source grains directly from independent quality California farms and distill them into permanent potions that act as an archivable representation of that soil and season. We mill, mash, distill, age, bottle, and label everything ourselves.

Inspired by the process and flavors of intact regionality and subsequent diversity experienced in international consumables (i.e. Scotch, Mezcal, Burgundy), we exist to showcase the fruits of healthy natural landscapes and to offer fresh creativity to an outdated corporate-run industry.

Our whiskey is clean in both agricultural practices and sensory experience, vastly different from the status quo: organic California grains grown by independent & passionate farmers, high and tight distillation, mineral rich snowmelt water, low-extract seasoned oak casks, kept stable and vibrant at high proof ready to be enjoyed as-is or opened up with water.

Golden Gate Whisky is...
"A prized bottle" - Vice Munchies
Made in California but not quite an "American Whiskey"
Heirloom grains grown without pesticides or fertilizers, non-irrigated and drought-resistant
Fermented and distilled on the grain
Single distilled on a 300 gallon pot still, copper head, stainless steel body
Expressions of blends and single plots/grains/barrels - we love variety

Currently sold by the bottle at The Epicurean Trader (both locations) and by the glass at The Alembic in San Francisco.



RECIPE  80% malted barley / 20% rye
SOURCE  Two barleys in this blend: Organic “Metcalfe” barley dry-farmed by Fritz Durst in Woodland CA, malted by Admiral Maltings in San Francisco East Bay and Mount Shasta barley malt
CASK  A blend of 53 gallon & 25 gallon seasoned American oak (ex-California-Bourbon) barrels & glass demijohn
TIME  A blend of distillates from 2014, 2016, and 2018
DISTILLATION METHOD  Copper pot on the grain. This is all about high notes: the spirit is distilled slow but cut quick and remains clean but loud.
AGE METHOD  We use the Solera method for this particular whisky therefore every bottle is a new evolution of the last & every bottle contains whisky from every batch we've ever made.
AROMA  cacao, cinnamon oatmeal, lemon verbena
PALATE  deep raw honey, mango, crusty rye bread, lemon
BOTTLED  55% ABV / non-chill filtered / 375 mL flask
AVAILABILITY  California via T Edwad Wine & Spirits & Arizona via The Natural Wine Co

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Organic grains are sourced directly from independent farms, then driven to be "nomad" brewed,

distilled, aged, and bottled by us entirely at Sutherland Distillery in Livermore, CA.

Bottles can be purchased directly at the distillery Thursday to Sunday.